Clutterers Unanimous

Judge not , that ye be not judged says Mathew 7:1

Clutterers Unanimous is a gathering of people from NY, NJ and CT who simply have far too much contents for the space they have available which causes fire, safety and health issues for them and those around them.

What's more harboring too much stuff causes depression, isolation and almost total inefficiency for those who live with too much stuff.

If you don't want to be judged by others then these meetings are a voyeurs paradise where you can sit across the room from another clutterer and rationalize your behavior by saying to yourself. "At least I am not as bad as that.

From small clutter problems such as a very messy office, to very large scale clutter problems like an entire living room stacked to the ceiling with miscellaneous personal belongings.

Clutterers Unanimous is the group for Disposophobics, clutterers, and hoarders both great and small, to come together in a friendly environment and receive mental relief from the clutter in their lives.

To find our next meeting place please call Ron Alford at 1 718 939-5800

Donation to rent the room is $5.

The group moderator is Ron Alford who has over 30 years of managing people and places with too much stiff in their spaces.

Alford has been coaching, training and helping people de clutter their lives for over 30 years and has worked on thousands of clutter cases. For more information about Mr. Alford, visit his web site at:

If you plan on attending, please send us an email. This is simply so we have an idea of how many people are attending. Thank You.

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