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Since I was 6 years old when I got my first ride in a J3 Cub, I have been interested in personal flying machines from factory built aircraft like Cessna's and Piper's to almost anything that a wo/man can fly safely.

Here is a photo of feet first flying in a Tukan Delta Wing Weight Shift Airplane. (Click on the image to see it full-size).

My most recent adventure is a amphibious contraption that is a combination of a rubber raft, airboat, hang glider and snowmobile with a delta wing that can be flown from land, water and in the snow. Look for yourself.

I have enjoyed flying a variety of aircraft from a Piper Cubs to some very sophisticated birds like a Windecker Eagle.

Some of them can be found in these photos.

If you own an ultra light or factory built aircraft that is a well maintained single engine bird in the New York Metro area and are looking to take in a seasoned partner give me a call with the details. Email here or 1 800 THE PLAN.

I am a member of the Mid Island Pilots Club on Long Island and an annual visitor to Fun n Sun EAA fly-in in Lakeland Florida held every April.

My most recent challenge flying was in Victoria Canada with Don Berends in his Cessna 185 Float plane. To see and do what we did in 3 hours, a boat owner would have to spend 3 -5 days. The San Juan Island are simply wonderful to see from the air.

Fly safe.

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