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The Clutter Masters of America

Formally Professional Organizers of America

If you are a chronic clutterer or hoarder we provide nationally available professionals to Plan and Manage specific methods to implement your recovery for a new and safer lifestyle.We are called Planagers in that we plan, implement and mange your recovery from start to finish. For the purpose of defining clutterers and hoarders we refer to them herein as Disposophobics.

If you are a victim of a Disposophobic's behavior please

click on this link.

Organized productive people are much more happy than chronically disorganized people. To be efficient, people need to be organized in order to maintain a clear mind. A cluttered mind = a cluttered home.

When you have cluttered or disorganized spaces in your home or office, this is evidence of having far too many interests, being very intelligent, having unfinished projects, wanting to be perfect, being overwhelmed, having an overworked mind, imbalance in your life, loneliness, all of which ends up creating anxiet and then depression.

The medical community may state that you are suffering from Attention Deficit and/or Obsessive Compulsive Disorders or several other issues. In too many cases doctors will prescribe psychotherapy or drugs for depression. Anti depression drugs simply can't motivate a disposophobic to change their thinking or belief system. Drugs just seem to dumb them down so that they don't care what surroundings they live in.

No matter what you name it, recovering a Disposophobic's home which is loaded with large amounts of contents is rarely a do-it-yourself recovery project.

To the contrary, the concept of "I will do it myself" is the very reason clutter begins and grows with every new do-it-yourself project or remedy.

We know that psychotherapy and drugs have never been able to selectively motivate a Disposophobic to the point that they are able to recover themselves. Our experience is just the opposite. The problems just get worse.

There is no shortage of web sites proclaiming that with this book, this seminar, this organizer or this psychiatrists clutter can be conquered. After 30 years in business we have never seen that happen. Only a commitment to change by a Disposophobic and being coached by a documented Planager with years of success behind him will recovery occur.

Great athletes never succeed without great coaches.

Books, tapes or seminars rarely work!
Don't start looking here to buy books, tapes or attend a seminar to straighten yourself out because these do-it-yourself methods always create a bigger problem for you. When clutterers purchase storage containers, storage services or "How To" books on organizing things and life, these things simply create a much larger problem and just more clutter.

The main thing Disposophobics never ask themselves are these questions before they buy "how to" books and other self-help things.

  • What qualifies this writer to tell me how to organize my things and life?
  • When am I going to make time to sit down and read this book?
  • Are the tips and solutions in line with my desires and habits or do they work for the writer?
  • Where am I going to store this book after I finishing reading it from cover to cover?
  • What day and hour am I setting aside to tackle my clutter problem and how long is it going to take me to do this?
  • What support systems or services do I need and what will be the final outcome?
  • When I fail to complete this project, how much worse am I going to feel because of another failed attempt to manage my life?

The hard truth for Disposophobics
Less than one percent of chronic Disposophobics read more than a few pages until the "How To" book becomes just another unfinished project that gets put on the top of others. One more thing. On this web page are several typographical errors. Most Disposophobics will find these errors faster than understanding the contents of our message. Some will get stuck on the minutia and forget why they came here in the first place.

We Know What Works
Our Professional Planagers know what works and what does not work. The best example is you. Now: Your methods don't work or you would not be here.

A chronic clutterer has the ability to think a zillion times faster than he or she can move. It is easy to think about doing anything. The hard part which becomes impossible for chronic Disposophobics is is being able to do just one thing and one thing only. Get it done.

It is the way a Disposophobics thinks about life and things that creates the roadblock to self recovery.

When Planagers are retained to Plan and Manage a project to completion our methods work every time when, the Disposophobic is committed and does what we suggest. We understand clutterer's mind sets, habits and feelings. We know how to assess an entire project from start to finish this includes the people and the stuff. We know how and what to teach Disposophobics to change their thinking, which changes their habits in order to live better.

We never judge our clients in that they suffer from fear, shame and embarrassment. They all do and it is our charge to remedy that situation.

Ask yourself these questions:
Is your life, family, business and relationships in an uproar because you can't seem to get it together?

  • Do you try to tackle a project and end up going to sleep from thinking about the many things you need to do?

If so you are probably chronically depressed as most Disposophobics are and therefore you may be very very smart but in these cases you are not able to think clearly.

Every kind of person from school age kids to retires suffer from this ailment over time. Some are chronic others are temporary. All become disabled to some degree because they can't function at normal speed because of clutter and the wrong decisions about paper, clothing, books, memorabilia, belongings, and just stuff.

If you can make a commitment to fix yourself once and for all you have come to the right page on the internet.

Who are The Clutter Masters of America?
Since 1980, the founder and Directors of Disaster Masters, Inc. have 28 years and thousands of satisfied clients across America.

We are savvy, experienced and well prepared to serve your needs. Moreover we, are strategically located around North America in Metropolitan areas. Unlike other organizations who are mostly upstarts, part time or neophytes in business The Clutter Masters are well seasoned experts at one-on-one service providers whose results are absolutely guaranteed.

We don't work on any projects by the hour because it is a conflict of interest.

We Never Want to See You Again
If and when we accept your assignment, our mission is to recover both the way you think and your space to a degree that you can take over and we never get to see you again. Unlike amateur professional organizers who need you to bring them back again and again our philosophy is: We enable you, not disable you.

The greatest majority of our clients come from these professions.

Health Care Professionals such as nurses, doctors, psychologist, psychiatrists , social workers, etc.

Academia and Professionals Teachers, Attorneys, Accountants, Professors Engineers, Information Junkies and computer people

Government employees. Federal, State, County and City employees.

The time it takes for one of our Members to qualify as a Team Leader is at 4 to 6 years. To do that consistently only well quaffed people are allowed to work under our banner. After all its the other professionals who come to us for solutions.

While you are here, bookmark this page by hitting the Ctrl B keys now. This way you can come back to this page right after you call us at 1 800 ThePlan or request additional information by sending email or going to our Contact page so that we may learn how or what we can do for you to make your life better. Whether it's your home or your office, this site has specialists who can help or coach you.

Our Mission
Is to Enable not Disable You.

To provide individuals, business owners, managers, entertainers, celebrities, etc. with every kind of educational, life management and support service available, at cost-effective professional fees.

What qualifies a member The Clutter Masters of America?

Our Planagers are well seasoned Planning and Managing Professionals who guarantee 100%..their work 100% of the time. Our National system is structured is such a way that our home office is always on top of every project all the time so its the home office who mandates the quality of what we do.

Our goal is RESULTS for each and every one of our clients. If you hire a maid service, an independent organizer or a social worker to resolve the problem and they don't do a proper job, you don't have anyplace to complain. When you utilize our qualified staff your time and dollars are secure in that we monitor and guarantee every project we undertake across America and at the end of the project you must sign a "Certificate of Satisfaction" or we don't quit working for you until you do.

Planagers are specialists in solving simple to the most difficult problems such as chronic clutter, hoarding, Disposophobia™ or any project in your home, home office, business.

Our member selection and monitoring program provides consumers and our associates with the highest quality of professionals available.

Our Associates are seasoned professionals who have a documented track record of managing, guiding, helping and coaching people in life, business and careers in areas that you may need improvement or a significant change.

Professional Organizations
Professional Organizers of America may also be members and directors of many professional organizations such as:

IMC- NSA -NY Speakers- NY Contractors Council- WBONY- Chamber of Commerce, IFMA -NAPO NY - NAPO -etc.

We are often retained by Professional Engineers, PhD's, Attorneys, Md's and a plethora of other disciplines who need our services.

You can get started on your recovery plan today by dialing now

1 800 THE PLAN
1 800 843 7526


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