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Insurance Coaching Services

Help For The Insurance Challenged

When consumers suffer a loss from a disaster, auto wreck or other insured event and need to recover, 99.6% walk directly into the insurer's claim trap. They call a Commissioned Sales Agent or Insurer's toll free claim number and expect quality advice. (sigh)


Insurance consumers are never given the rules or educated by the educational system on how to play the insurance claim game. What consumers do get for FREE is the self serving, biased advice from Insurers or their Commissioned Sales Agents.

Does this sound familiar?

"We care, just call us and we will take care of everything"

What insurance companies are saying here, is that we care about our losses, not yours, so the longer we can manage you and your information, the less dollars we will have to pay!

Do insurance executives care about you? I think NOT!

I call this tactic "consumer training" NOT "consumer education."

Let's get real

Why would any insurer organization educate you on how to collect thousands of dollars from them?

Are insurers or their adjusters in the business of giving dollars away?

There is NOT one financial reason for insurers or their agents to help you to FULLY recover either physically or financially at their expense. Are insurers in business to lose money?

I think NOT!

If you don't have the correct information and a detailed game plan to play and win the "CLAIM GAME" then your time, sanity, money are all at the mercy of total strangers whose job is to protect the insurer from you.

What Does Ron Alford do?

I provide people who understand the the benefit of quality coaching services with strategic information from 30 years of experience, wisdom, and the wherewithal to convey strategic information to empower you to the fullest extent possible.

You are provided with strategic information and suggestions to use in very specific, small steps to force the desired outcome you want and deserve in the shortest time possible. Favorable result for you are my goal.

What does it cost?

Good news, quality information does not cost, it pays you handsomely by saving you time and grief. Moreover, when you fail to present your case correctly and in a timely manner, it will cost you a lot more than your investment.

For people who have a dire emergency and need to speak to me within an hour or two, my minimum fee is $250.00 because I must stop what I am doing to serve your interest first.

My standard telephone coaching fee is $150.00 per hour.

The BEST Deal

If you can be flexible with your time you can get up to 30 minutes of my time for only $30.00.

The BEST deal is this introductory offer which allows you to judge how valuable my personal coaching services are. The only catch is that I must have the time available to fit you into my busy schedule.

If you need more than 30 minutes, you will be charged $6.00 for each additional 6 minutes or any portion for the first session only.

Sorry, but my minimum billing is $30.00 PERIOD.

What you will need

Before you call please have ready...

All of your paperwork, a working pen or pencil, a comfortable place to write, and facts at hand so that you can give me as much details as possible in the shortest possible time.

Be sure to have any major credit card available. My time is charged in 6 minute increments which equal one tenth of an hour.

My time begins after we have gathered your personal information and your credit card data.

How to Contact Me

1 800 THE PLAN

Please advise the person who answers the phone that you have read this information and are ready to get coached and educated by Ron Alford and you want to set up a coaching session.

E-mail me with any Questions


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