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Ron Alford's Speaking Engagements educate virtually everyone.

At some point in time, everyone, including you will be involved in a crisis situation that will befuddle you to the max. Until you learn how to manage your crisis, it will cost you more time and dollars than you will want to lose. If you are already over taxed with things to do, you may never fully recover from the event due to ignorance.

The BIG problem is that people and organizations in crisis DO NOT think, act or function as well as normal people. Ron Alford provides extraordinarly valuable information for audiences.

Ron Alford is an expert in Pro-Active Crisis Management and provides individuals and corporations with Wisdom and a Plan to manage almost any disaster that comes your way.The benefits recieved from Alford's 30 years experience and thousands of on-site crisis management projects is priceless.

The combination of Alford's perpendicular thinking combined with his humor provides you with enormous comfort, insight and benefits.

No matter what business or industry you are in or even if you're a retired homeowner, Alford's information is for you.

Alford's Time management does not allow him to participate or remain active in associations but here are the former ones he either helped to grow or founded.

  • National Speakers Association - 10 year member
  • Charter Member NY Speakers Association
  • Institute of Management Consultants - 4 years NY Chapter
  • Contractors Council of Greater New York
  • Management Consultants Roundtable New York City - 4 years
  • National Institute of Fire and Water Damage Restoration-10 years

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