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The Victims of
Chronic Clutterers and Hoarders

If you landed on this page because you are a victim of a chronic clutterer and you want to learn how to stop your spouse from making you live in a trash dump or hovel situation you are probably suffering and in much more pain than your spouse. For the record, there is a vast difference between hoarders and clutters which will not be discussed here. I will call these folk Disposophobics because this word adequately describes both hoarder's and clutterer's behavior.

Simply put, there is little you or anyone else can do to change the habits, thinking or behavior of a committed Disposophobic any more than you can stop an obese person, alcoholic or drug addict to stop eating, drinking or using drugs.

Every year I get thousands of phone calls from wives, husbands, children and grand parents wanting to find out how they can get free from a committed Disposophobic's behavior.

For the last 27 years I have personally witnessed hundreds if not thousand of husbands or wives who suffer from their spouses behavior. These victims of Disposophobics basically live in a 4 x 6 foot space because the spouse has completely covered every other square foot in the house with everything one can buy or carry into a home.

The hard facts are that the victim spouses have ENABLED their spouses to abuse them.

When a victim spouse calls for advice my answer is generally this. You have enabled your spouse to treat you this way and as long as you continue to allow their behavior you can expect the same or worse treatment over time.

Some people endure this abuse for years until the living conditions get to be so bad that they end up finding me looking for help.

They ask. Is there any way you can help my spouse to modify or stop their behavior so we can live a normal life and get us out of this mess?

My first response is this. Can you get your spouse to call me on the phone and ask for my help? Some say yes, others no, most say NEVER.

Some callers start off the conversation by asking me if I have gift certificates. I tell all of these people that a Gift Certificates for clutterers is a direct insult and it just makes matters worse. Its like giving a morbidly obese person a diet book. DUH.

My point here is that until the clutterer/hoarder decides that they want help then there is nothing I can do to help them until the Disposophobic calls me and ask for my help. When this happens they have a 88 percent chance to change their lives forever.

Said another way. Because chronic Disposophobics are so smart and want to be in control few people can tell them what to do. But when a Disposophobic thinks that calling me for help is THEIR idea not much can stop them from doing so.

I am very successful in helping and teaching victims and Disposophobics what they need to know and do in order to get a better life.

I use several techniques that include, but are not limited to, on-site crew based contents management combined with one-on-one coaching using a win win step by step process that is based on the situation and expected outcome.

Said another way, I have never failed to solve a problem once I agree to take on the project.

No two solutions are the same.

Disposophobics do what they do simply because the way they think. Almost all Disposophobics are extraordinary intelligent, want to be or think that they are perfect, have an over active imagination that causes them to believe that they can do more than they are capable such as doing two things at once "multi tasking" or worse conquering time or being in two places at once. DUH? Brilliant without common sense.

Cluttering and hoarding behavior is not a one day malady where one day the person is ok and then the next day becomes a hoarder.

To become a chronic Disposophobic is a day by day learning and thinking process and the hard facts are that what a Disposophobic is thinking about is what ends up on the floor. It is rarely a straight line downhill but a spiral down out of control.

It starts with one pile of something somewhere and as long as that pile is never moved a second, third etc will continue until the home is uninhabitable by most standards.

Because they are so smart and some have several degrees they have a warped sense that they are great "do it your selfers" and undertake copious amounts of projects that never get done because they omit and forget the amount of TIME it will take them to complete the project. Net results are.. MORE STUFF - LESS SPACE - MORE FAILURES

When a chronic Disposophobic comes to realize that they have a problem they are almost always too embarrassed to look for qualified help because they can't believe that they are so smart yet so dysfunctional

When it dawns on them that they have collected too much stuff for their space what do they do? Buy books, tapes, seminars on how to organize overcrowded spaces. Some buy self help books in order to recover which end up as MORE CLTTER. A quicksand quagmire.

The hard core Disposophobic will invest good money in outside storage lockers and store stuff that cost more to store than the stuff is worth.

They are so smart that they belief is that there is nothing that they can't do themselves. NOT SO.

To the contrary, the concept of "I will do it myself" is the very reason clutter begins and grows with every new do-it-yourself project or remedy

Until Disposophobic's are motivated to change their mind or the spouse rises to the occasion and says "I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE" things just get worse.

I have set up a coaching session for the victims of clutterers and hoarders that will enable a victims spouse to rise to the occasion and make some new rules for living. It is never too late to make a better decision for yourself. .

If you are a victim of a chronic Disposophobic and want to learn what I have over the last 27 years in dealing with people exactly like your wife or husband I can guide you through your recovery in one or two sessions.

My professional coaching fee on the phone is only $297.00. In two hours or less I will tell you everything I have learned that will work to your benefit.

One more thing. I am the founder and inventor of the description and the solution for Disposophobia. The Fear of Getting Rid of Stuff.

To retain my services just dial 1800 THE PLAN now and have your CC or your Pay Pal Account in your hand.

You can reach Ron Alford simply by dialing 25 hours a day 8 days a week and start your recovery plan as a victim of clutterers and hoarders.

1 800 THE PLAN

1 800 843 7526

We are open 8 days a week 25 hrs a day.

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